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Habbo Facts

Post  Admin on Sat Dec 27, 2008 5:29 am

There were 81 Habbo eXperts registered on Habbo UK, Even though you normally only seen 10-15 on the Hotel.

131 Hobba's lost their job on Habbo UK , when the Hobba project was scrapped.

There are 15730 Habbo thrones in the hotel!

The most popular rare to be released was the Speaker Corner.

The least popular rare to be released was the Gray Birdbath.

Habbo UK used to have the URL .com, then Habbo US came along and they moved to .co.uk.

There are 31 Habbo Hotels in the world.

There is 108,000,000 registered users, since september 2008.

There is 9,500,000 unique visitors a month.

There is 990,000,000 page hits per month on the hotels.

90% of Registered Habbos are aged between 13-18.

The average Habbo visits the Hotel for a time of 36 minutes.

Aapo2 is one of the oldest Habbos ever registered on any hotel. Other before that have been deleted for unknown reasons.

The hotel was first called Hotel Kultakala which means "Habbo Goldfish" but was later changed to Habbo Hotel.

The highest recorded peak on any hotel was Habbo netherlands which peaked 17,000 Online.

Tuu is the longest ever hotel manager to stay at a hotel, Stayed at Habbo FI for 7 Years.

All of Habbo SG's staff are female.

Once Habbo FI was three versions in front of habbo japan.

1 Credit/Coin in any hotel is worth 10 in the chinese hotel - Habbo Club is 250 credits per month.


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